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What's an 8-Week Challenge? It's the kickstart many people need to really get going on changing their lifestyle and undertaking a fitness program that will get them on the road to better health. There's nothing worse than signing up for a gym membership, getting a brief introduction to a program, then being turned loose to workout on your own. Ultimately, programs like that fail for most people. At Ultimate Ride and Fitness we do things differently.Compete in our 8-week Skinny Jeans Challenge! Here's how it works: 

Bring in a pair of jeans from your closet or buy a pair you would like to fit into; jeans must be at least 2 sizes too small. We'll take a pic of you trying to get your jeans on. We will keep your jeans at the gym; and you can try them on throughout the challenge. You will have 8 weeks to get into your jeans! 

First, you get a FREE, but thorough fitness evaluation so we can determine what workout approach you are best suited to. Then, you'll get to choose from over 40 classes per week that are attended by people just like you! You'll meet our coaches, and they'll meet you. In fact, it won't be long before our coaches and UR team members know you by name; don't be surprised if you get a call from us if you've missed a few classes. You see, we want you to succeed, and we know that sometimes the missing ingredient for people is accountability and knowing that someone other than you is invested in your journey. 

Most importantly, you will get a lot of support - from the UR staff and the like-minded people you workout with. And yes, we have meetings. But they aren't like anything you might have experienced elsewhere - they're fun and inspirational. In fact, we want you to focus on something other than the scale and body fat numbers during the Challenge, so you will only be privately weighed on Weeks 1 and 8. In the weeks between, you'll be enjoying how you feel and fit into your clothes.

16 Small Group Training Sessions (we recommend 2 a week) 
 Nutrition Coaching including ongoing email support
 Unlimited Group Training Sessions for 8 Weeks
 Food journal tracking graded weekly
 Healthy recipe book and weekly handouts
 Accountability through attendance tracking
 Weekly Motivational and Q & A meetings every Monday in our Facebook page at  8:30pm  
 Open to members and non-members
Get all of this for only $43.75 a week for 8 weeks.  If you are a UR member and you bring a friend you and your friend can participate for $31.25 a week per person. 


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